E2 Pro トラブルシューティング

  1. 「設定」>「デバイス設定」に移動します。>Device Preferences;
  2. 「サウンド」を選択します
  3. 「システムサウンド」をオフにする

The projector has two systems. When you are in the projector system, you are controlling the volume of the projector system, so as in the Android system. When you think the sound is lower than before, please switch to the other system to check the volume.

Please ensure that you have adjusted the sound on your device and two systems of the projector(projector system & Android TV system).


The ventilation of the projector might be blocked. Move the stuff away and turns off the projector for half an hour to cool it down. Make sure that nothing is blocking the ventilation when you turn on the projector again.

The screen shows no signal. You might choose HDMI or USB accidentally

  • Go to the projector system again with the switch button on the remote control.
  • Or press the home page button to switch the signal source.

There are a few reasons for the issue: 1. Connecting with a defective HDMI cable or other cables while watching videos may lead to signal interruptions. 2. The power cable may become loose when the projector is moved around, causing screen flickering. It's important to choose a flat and stable surface to place the projector. 3. When selecting products that use WiFi for connectivity, ensure a stable network signal environment.

  • Solutions: 1. We recommend replacing the HDMI cable with a new one and reconnecting it. 2. It is advised to place the product on a flat surface and avoid suspending the power adapter in mid-air during use. 3. Restarting the router.

There are a few reasons for the issue:1. The electric focus is operated by a remote control. If the IR sensor is not aligned when using the remote control, or the battery of the remote control may be exhausted and need to be replaced, the remote control will not be able to control the projector. 2. Focal length range: Incorrect projection distance - The distance between the projector and the projection screen can also affect the focus of the picture. If the distance between the projector and the screen is too far or too close, the picture will be blurry. 3. There is dust or stains on the surface of the projector lens.

  • Solutions: 1. Reinstall the remote control battery and aim it at the projector's IR sensor. 2. You can adjust the projection distance according to the optimal projection distance table given in the projector's instruction manual. 3. You can use a soft cloth to gently wipe the lens.


  • Ensure that the batteries in your remote are correctly placed and of power.
  • Check if the remote's indicator turns red/blue when you press the button.
  • Feel free to contact usif the remote still needs to be fixed.
  1. Check if the remote indicator turns blue when you press the button;
  2. If the button turns red when you press it, please re-pair your remote to the projector again.
  3. Pair: Go to Settings>Add accessories. Press the volume & OK buttons at the same time for the connection.
  1. Go to the Android TV settings>Add accessories;
  2. Choose the original remote and click unpair.
  3. The on-screen instruction for the new remote pair will appear. Just follow the instruction to pair the new remote.


Audio latency is the time it takes for audio move from your projector to your Bluetooth speaker. And Bluetooth connection spend a lot more time in the "processing" stage than a traditional wired connection. Plus, Bluetooth connection will be interfered by another signal source such as WiFi. There are some solutions below that you could decrease the latency:

  1. Disconnect other devices from your soundbar. As other devices might try to connect with it and influence the connection to the projector.
  2. Turn off other wireless connections close to the projector and Bluetooth signal.
  3. Keep your distance from other Bluetooth devices to avoid interference.
  4. Change the position or location of your device. It may need to be closer to the video.
  5. Feel free to contact us contact us if the problem still exist.